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About us :


We are a community and media platform for sustainable brands. This platform was build to support the work of creatives and build green fashion growth in the Fashion industry by changing the way it operates and brining the voices of fashion together who believe in transforming the industry to a new level. The platform also focuses on addressing the social, political and economic issues in fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry. 


Our forum allows communities to share their voices and discuss matters across the world. Some of our workshops and programs allow members to share knowledge in their filed of expertise to support growth and growing together. 


About the founder :


Asvika, founder of Adam and Alice luxury fashion brand, who has also worked in supply chain management for 8 yrs, felt there is need for change in the way the industry operates and system of work in the trade. Asvika had worked in fashion for over 20yrs now, she had been an artist, fashion designer, public speaker, event organiser and entrepreneur, who have raised her profile coming from manufacturing background. In her journey she found that fashion has become too commercial rather need to identifying true fashion and value fashion for good. The market has been product driven over fashion driven and hence realised the need for change and started STUDIOS, where the program on Fashion Evolution agenda is to support the artists and build re-creational projects to offer programs to cater psychological and social needs of affected communities in fashion industry (like labour communities, farmers, reviving lost trade/ skills, issues concerning environmental damage ). 


Her vision is to bring change in the way manufacturing industry operates and build a community and recognition of people, talents in the industry). Visit her at www.asvika.biz



STUDIOS can help you…

1. Connections though our members club

We offer platform for sustainable companies and people to connect and grow not just in fashion but also in other sustainable sectors - brands, manufactures, communities, event organisers who could support each other and grow together. 


2. Knowledge transfer and Intelligence 

Succeeding in the fashion industry could be challenging. We offer support services from companies who are willing to contribute either their knowledge or services, where members could benefit and learn the ways to build and grow their businesses.  

Any companies who are willing to offer their support to support talents, we would love to hear from you. We run training and workshops, where knowledge transfer is the key for future generations learn and grow.


3. Discussions 

Members get free platform to share their news, issues and concerns in our forum to engage and post matters related to the fashion industry. Forum communication could allow members to ask question or share their knowledge. We recommend members to share, engage and help the community to grow together.


4. Programs and Events

We run programs brining the voices of fashion together and our events focused on providing platform for talents to promote their work. Some programs on how fashion can change the world. 

We run wide range of events for business and communities to grow together. 

5. Fashion Evolution Shows

Addressing the going concerns in the fashion industry and shows to make differences brining out talents, equity and opportunities for community growth.

6. Funding and Donations

  Some of our programs are focused on funding projects on education, environmental damage, changing people’s lives. We would like companies to come forward to help us, so we can help those who are in need. The donation funds raised goes to donation pot, where there are criteria.


6. Sustainability

If your business is already working to high sustainability standards, the STUDIOS platform will reward you with highest ranking stars. Wherever you are on the sustainability journey, or willing to join the journey , STUDIOS will help you to integrate and achieve your goals. a’s where companies/ organisations could claim.