At STUDIOS, we’re dedicated to supporting fashion community to drive towards green agenda and build our business better in fashion.

Our mission is to change the way businesses operate for growth of people, value efforts and save the planet. We believe fashion must bring happiness to people and the planet. We want to influence the way we think and work for better fashion industry. We want to build sustainable growth in the industry building equal opportunities.


Our Values

1. Educate , empower and grow 

We believe that business can do well with knowledge transfer, mutual growth and empower for good.

2. Collaboration

We see collaboration helps business grow better. We are committed to working in partnership with other organisations who share our values and wants to grow together.

3. Leadership

We believe in building leadership for people to grow with values and understand the impact of their work rather just doing a job. We believe leadership could change the mindset of people even at the bottom level to be thinkers before they act. 


4. Making the difference

We believe difference can be made with small changes from our everyday habits to grow better to make a difference. 


5. Value efforts

We spend time, energy and efforts to build our businesses. We believe every efforts right from bottom level to top level must be valued to make a better living for everyone. 

6. Integrity

Integrity is fundamental in all that we do.