Fashion Evolution 2020 - A call for Legislation

Adam and Alice’s Fashion Evolution 2020 started with press day on offering solution to the fashion industry by calling the Government on legislation to initiate the act of sustainability to revive the fashion for good over greed and contribute to largely on Green solutions and streamlining the textile waste management to terminate the textile waste going to landfill and increased tax on polyester textiles. The act of sustainability is to save the planet and save the people but the globalisation has given room for greed of businesses to push consumerism over providing opportunity to talents, artists and artisans and thereby destroying our ecology. The fall of designers and artisans has been fall of the fashion industry itself and the cheep culture fashion has been a chaos to our community and the environment. The Fashion Evolution program by Adam and Alice Studios was called to address the solution and bring a new voice to the fashion industry and change the buying behaviour of the consumers to create awareness of true concept of sustainability than creating destruction in the name of sustainability . The event focused on talk’s shows on various experts from fashion industry from supply-chain management to media. Some of the speakers on the program were Russell from The Scaphan Network talking about local made goods and sustainable pricing and operations working with overseas factories. Liam from Newable UK on innovation funding. Fillipo Maria Studio on concept of hybridisation and textile waste management and Chris Tierry from UK Retail Connect Ltd on sustainability in the woollen industry.

The exploitation of people in fashion is not limited to the backend of the industry but also in the front end. Adam and Alice events has been addressing on such factors in their events since 2019, some of them focused on bringing silk route back to life, life to handloom industry held in Scotland, breaking the gender events during London Fashion Week 2019.

Adam and Alice has called for the fashion evolution along with other speakers of the show Samanta Bullock and Martin Suker who has addressed some of the key issues on ethical marketing and power of inclusion on disability fashion. The voice of the Event was focused to restore the lost beauty of fashion industry where fashion was not trend but pieces of art to give happiness and joy to the wearer and embracing the work of a true artists.

The love for fashion and work of an artist must be given significance over product market and cheep culture era that we live in. Asvika claims that change must happen from inside out and by standing together to protect our planet. Adam and Alice studios aims to showcase and give power to the unheard voices of the industry to create awareness and calling the fashion industry to stand together to bring change for the future of fashion, which must be passion driven and not trend driven nor consumerism.

The Fashion Evolution show ended with some interesting fashion week shopping games and a love story performance style show by Adam and Alice London with Dimi Bags.

Adam and Alice comments that Love is the secret of success. When we travel the journey of Love we attract good. But fashion industry has lost its Love and consumerism has killed the ethics and values, which must be revived and the industry must stand together to address and call for amendments to legislation which will be the first step to success of this Fashion Evolution program and Asvika has plans to address the solutions and change the future of fashion buying through Fashion Evolution program.

The Fashion Evolution 2020 show sponsored was by Adam and Alice London, Venue sponsor BCollect , sustainable Kombucha drink sponsored by Remedy and photography by Raj Art and backend support Elina Zacharopoulou. Fashion Evolution show was presented by Asvika from Adam and Alice London and Adrian Mutti from The Secret Fashion Network. Asvika’s special thanks to Fab UK, London Runway Magazine and Princess Katerina from Yugoslavia and Royal Butler. Let’s join the journey to embrace the true creation and love fashion for good.

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