Adam and Alice London fashion show during Fashion Evolution 2020 show was a love story performance style art that portrayed fashion with a story and voice to showcase talents who can perform beyond their looks. The show was witnessed by Princess Katerina from Yugoslavia who raised concern on the growing issue in the fashion industry and future of fashion and importance of how the garments are made and where it is made. Adam and Alice London collections are statement pieces made with fine quality of silk, few hand-made fabrics and hand-crafted ensembles.

The show was small and demonstrated simplicity and yet making a statement to showcase the journey of love “I know I am Late”, where the twin sisters of contradicting nature were fighting over a mysterious love. Asvika from Adam and Alice claims, love is a journey we all travel,

for few love has a happy ending and for others have a different story. But the joy of enjoying the journey of true Love and pain is an emotional process and as a creator she claims to express her emotional energy through her work of art - collections, paintings, style and performance.

Adam and Alice’s collection was created to bring life of fashion back and embrace the work of artisans and lost textile skills. Adam and Alice London has a range of custom-made collections

for those who wants to enjoy and embrace classical fashion and style and love fashion for good. It is made only for those who deserve and not for all. For those who embrace art, culture, style and fashion. The collections are affordable luxury and made by Adam and Alice team and factories with Love and bring their voice to the world. The collections are made from natural fibres and even padding of jackets are made from fine soft mulberry silk, which is hard to find in today’s market place. Every care has been taken in the construction to bring life and essence of fashion over cost reduction. The dresses are flared with layers of chiffons and satins to give elegance and constructed with laser cutting technology and complex pattern techniques for bring out the beautiful fall of the fabric. Some of the collections are androgynous and yet classic to showcase women empowerment. Dimi bags - hand-made crotchet bags was in collaboration with Adam and Alice London on the bags, where all the pieces were 100% handmade. The show was modelled by Lilly Iaschelcic and Olga Iaschelcic, who played the role of twin sisters, Jothi Eregowda, the mysterious love, Rosie Angelic , as a cupid with roses and Jacqueline Ramnarineth as a deceiving character. Adam and Alice London collections are made from the journey of Love and emotional energy to define the expression in art.

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