What is going to be the future colours of fashion ?

The colours of fashion are not in the beauty we create in our fashion articles, but it is in the colours of smiles that we procreate to our people working in the fashion industry from end to end. Today’s fashion industry has made its efforts to initiate recognition of imperfectionism. But imperfectionism has been a way of life in art, textiles and fashion since its inception, which the world had failed to apprehend its depths for decades.

The awe-inspiring beauty of little things around us had been forgotten in our busy life schedules. We value time for money, but the stillness in time has its beauty to bring some smiles.

Fashion brings joy to the wearer with its elaborate beauty that it displays, but in the past decade the industry has failed to perceive its significance and glory of the creative minds who make them. The efforts of people had not been given significance and today we see many big brands falling down.

What difference we could make if our minds are stumbled with thoughts in exploiting our system which in-return brings doom to us all. The day’s are gone where designer’s have celebrated their glory, and creative minds enjoyed those pleasures to bring their own smiles in their own work.

Should the colours of fashion in the industry not bring smiles and passionate individuals to create dreams rather following trends and making people follow the crowd and making a copy of us all, where we all are born on this earth with our own individuality?. We humans are the greatest creators of this world and we have failed to enjoy life by creating newness and giving smiles to this world. Trade and commerce has been there for ages, but there have been smiles of joy in art and fashion and the past 20yrs in the age of fast fashion, the industry has failed to offer the true colours what fashion once stood for. There is hard labour in every work that goes into it, but what is the reward given to such hard labour and our traditional inventions and human efforts?

Technology is great in one aspect but we have been made to lose our humanness within us. Should we not bring life back with growing technology ?

Sometimes, it has made me wonder if the future generations lack the understanding of efforts. What was valued before has no value in today’s world.

So what should be the colours of fashion going further after COVID ? Are we going to respect people, animals, birds, human efforts and nature around us or our colours going to bring further damage to us all once again? We think the world of fashion is waiting to see the future colours of smiles.

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